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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I submit service hours?By submitting service hours you will be able to track all service you have done during your time at BVU. Your organization will benefit from your logged service hours for the allocation process. On a larger scale, having an accurate record of student volunteerism allows the office of community service to be more competitive when applying for grant funding that supports more volunteer opportunities.

2. What is this information used for?
-Student organization totals are reported to student senate for one step of the allocation process.
-Totals are reported in grant applications, evaluations, and to BVU administration.-Your personal service hours information can be retrieved at any time to report on such things as resumes
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"Why should I record my services hours?"
"I’m doing services for others, not for myself."
"I don’t want to be recognized for my services."

Did you know...
• Service hours are important in maintaining our federal tax-exempt status.
• Nonprofit organizations use services hours as proof when applying for grants.
• Your services hours give credibility to your favorite organization.
• IRS publishes gives a dollar value to the volunteer hours (2013 is $22.55 per hour).
• Businesses request the number of volunteer hours when awarding grants to nonprofits.

So you gave services. Great! Now let’s record those hours for double giving.